Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hillary: “No Evidence” Minimum Wage Hike Costs Jobs

Does she really believe this?


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  1. "Those small businesses can grow with the right support" Support from who? The government of course and it will pick who to support.

    1. Re: Jimmy Joe Meeker,

      And if she really means it, isn't she tacitly conceding that minimum wage hikes WILL affect business in a negative way? Wouldn't that translate to unemployment if thise businesses are not (as she said it) "supported"?

  2. It depends upon what your definition of "evidence" is. Her definition of evidence is not the same as anyone else. Nothing is evidence of a crime if she or Slick "Willie" or Chelsea or one of her sycophants is doing it. ONLY people outside of her circle ever commit crimes, the ones inside her circle only do good things, even if they might look to some as bad things. That is not to say they are really and truly bad things, they just may not look like good things. Such is the mental machinery of the psychopath. Learn it, know it, use it to spot them.
    When Hitlery STOLE that furniture out of the White House, she was really just doing her best to make some room for some NEW stuff to be brought in! So you see, in the same vein, all of those people whom the Klintons have had murdered over the years was really just their own, cute little way of making room for new people to be born into the world!! If those men and women had all been allowed to live, more babies to take their place would not have been born, plain and simple! It's NOT that they were a threat to anyone, the Klintons don't have any real enemies because EVERYONE just loves them too much!!