Sunday, March 13, 2016

Media Mogul Plans to Live Forever by Uploading His Personality to a Robot

Dmitry Itskov
Russian internet media billionaire  Dmitry Itskov is behind the “2045 Initiative”, an ambitious experiment to bring about immortality within the next 30 years by creating a robot capable of storing human personalities, reports The Telegraph.

His group of neuroscientists, robot builders and consciousness researchers say they can create an android that is capable of uploading someone’s personality.

They believe that robots can store a person's thoughts and feelings because brains function in the same way as a computer.

It would work by uploading a digital version of a human brain to an android – effectively rebooting a person’s mind – which would take the form of a robotic copy of a human body or, once technology has developed, a hologram with a full human personality.

“Different scientists call it uploading or they call it mind transfer. I prefer to call it personality transfer,” Itskov, 35, recently said, according to the Telegraph.


  1. If you hold a cd up to your ear, can you hear music?

    Why does it have to be a transfer? Couldn't they just copy your personality to a computer while you're still alive and retain the original biological you? If so, does that mean the copy is really you? Is the copy only you if your original body is killed? This is just elaborate way to commit suicide and leave behind a lengthy diary. In my experience, tech-humpers like this are so enamored with what they think they can do that they are blind to what they are actually doing. They're kinda like neo-cons.

  2. We as humans are spirits living in an avatar called the human body. The spirit leaves the body when we die. The best science will do is copy the outward reflection of the spirit being similar to a video recording. Death was defeated by Jesus Christ who promises us eternal life through faith in Him. His way is the only way.

    1. you are damn right Forgivenman. Even if we become capable of uploading our consciousness to a computer or a robot, still that does not guarantee immortality because things in this world are prone to corrosion and will ultimately erode in time. Only Jesus Christ has defeated death. And only by accepting Him as our saviou, merits salvation.