Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trump and Cruz Would Increase Public Spending by Hundreds of Billions

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are touting policies that would boost public spending by hundreds of billions of dollars even as they vow on the campaign trail to slash the size of government, according to new estimates, says the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

 They would increase spending by even more than Hillary Clinton.

“It’s a bit of a shocker. In this election there are a lot of shocking things,” said Maya MacGuineas, president of the CRFB. “We are talking about an expansion of government by this amount at a time when public debt is already so high.”

 Cruz would be the biggest spender.

Over ten years Cruz  would boost spending by 6 per cent to an average of $5.4tn a year — equal to 23.4 per cent of gross domestic product — from $5.1tn under current law.

Trump would raise spending by 3-4 per cent to an average of $5.3tn per year.

Cruz’s spending is a result of his proposed outlays on defense. Trump’s numbers are pushed up by an expensive proposal to expand healthcare for military veterans.

Hillary Clinton, has announced plans that would boost annual spending by 2 per cent to $5.2tn or 22.5 per cent of GDP.


(via FT)


  1. Once again Wenzel's foresight is spot on, with his longstanding claim the Hillary is the least evil outcome. Let's hope she is counter balanced with heavy gridlock from a strong republican presence in the Congress.

  2. No shortage of posts about how evil Mr. Trump is. I was waiting for the post where the warmongering murderer is promoted as the lessor of the evils.

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  4. So Hillary is the conservative spender now. Yet, Republican voters will continue believing their party is one of smaller government and fiscal responsibility.

    Meanwhile the warfare/welfare state rolls on.

  5. The problem is that Hills will appoint 3-5 SCOTUS Justices. Read through the comments made by Breyer and Sotomayor regarding religious freedom, or freedom of any kind. They clearly do not understand the simple difference between compulsion and voluntary action. It is quite scary. "You will report at 0600 for your work detail comrade".