Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Dow, S&P to New Highs for the Year

Oh yeah, I'm sure the Austrian-lites are correct and that any day the Fed is going to reverse its December rate hike and move toward negative rates. Not.

The DJIA rose 1.1% to its highest closing level since Nov. 6. The S&P 500's 1% gain pushed it to its highest closing level since Dec. 4. The two indexes are now 2.2% and 2.3%, respectively, from their all-time highs.

There are not going to be any rate cuts anytime soon.We are in the boom phase of the Fed-created boom-bust cycle. More than likely, the indexes will break to new all-time record highs.

With interest rates climbing, not falling.



  1. Yes but on thin volume. It's been this way for weeks now. Lots of confirmation bias here.

  2. Robert are you ready to predict a rate-hike in June ? If not do you really think there's another window of opportunity before the election ?