Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mick Jagger: There's No Satisfaction for Britain Long-Term by Remaining in the EU

Good for Mick.

Acknowledging that the British referendum on leaving the EU scheduled for June 23 won’t make a “huge difference” to him personally, Mick Jagger said in an interview with Sky News television that while he sees short-term risks to a so-called Brexit, it could pay off after a couple of decades, reports Bloomberg.

“I think to the country in the short term it will be detrimental if we stay out,” Jagger said. “In the longer term, in a 20-year term, it might turn out to be beneficial.”

With British Prime Minister David Cameron campaigning for in, and several of his own ministers backing an exit, speculation is increasing that a no vote could force the prime minister to step down, notes Bloomberg.

“I wonder if David Cameron, if he was asked today, whether he would actually
want to put this out for a referendum now,” Jagger mused.

Jagger holds a degree in economics from the London School of Economics.



  1. And now it's time for the devil to collect on Mick's soul...

  2. I wonder if he's got a picture of Hayek hanging in his den. But definitely the smartest man in Rock and Roll.

    1. What, it's been 4 hours and nobody has stood up for Neil Peart?? Well, heck, I will. He very well COULD be smarter than MJ.

  3. Neil Peart is a terrific drummer and a pretty strong lyricist, but he's a bleeding heart libertarian at best and there is no indication I'm aware of that he has ever thought meaningfully about monetary theory. I have explicitly heard Jagger and company speak of how the music business works and how the game is now touring and merchandising with income from direct sales of recordings coming close to vanishing. I haven't heard anyone from Rush being too out front about this and supposed uber-business guru Gene Simmons is 180 out on the issue.

    So yeah, Jagger FTW.