Monday, April 11, 2016

The Boom is On: Air Passenger Miles Traveled Indicator

Norm LeDonne emails:
I recently took a trip and traveled by air. When I arrived at the offsite parking lot where I typically leave my car, I found the lot full and was asked if I had a reservation. I was somewhat surprised (I did not have a reservation), and was directed to the organization's sister lot. At the sister lot, while it was not full, again I was asked if I had reservations. I was never asked that question before, since there was always plenty of parking spaces. The van driver told me that the lot has been filling up recently, so they now suggest reservations.

On the return trip, I stopped at the airport chapel for services. On my previous trip, several TSA screeners attended the service. On this trip, there weren't any. I questioned the priest, and he told me that the screeners are not able to attend since there are so many passengers to be screened.

When I returned home, I decided to look at air travel in FRED, and saw the accompanying graph. If you can't see it, the graph is Air Revenue Passenger Miles. To me, it supports your contention that we are in the boom phase.

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