Friday, April 29, 2016

The Great Debate: Capitalism v. Socialism

Michael Edelstein emails:

20-year-old John Hajek, smart and funny 3rd speaker (starts at 23:23).


  1. If that is the best the socialists can come up with as an argument, and yet it is still very popular, then humanity is, in general, a pathetic group of whiny children, incapable of thinking or reasoning, but only feeling.

  2. The young Libertarian is very talented

  3. News flash here, boys and girls!! There are virtually NO significant differences between the two! Both of them are frauds being perpetrated upon ignorant and gullible people! Now if it had said the differences between capitalism (creating fictitious bookkeeping entries out of thin air) and free market economics, or between socialism and FME, there would be something to debate!
    Too many people are either brain dead, or brainwashed into thinking that capitalism and FME are the same thing, when nothing could be further from the truth! PLEASE stop drinking all of that economic Kool-Aid clap trap and sober up for just five minutes, and you will begin to see the lies for what they are!

    1. ITA. Capitalism (Capitalofascist Cronyism) is the product of a corporate/government/banking oligarchy that makes everyone a little richer, but makes the powerful, politically connected and super rich MUCH richer. Despite a significant trickle down of goods (the ubiquitous Internet) It is now geared toward war and central planning, and thus the savings it is built on are being consumed, and the bottom 99.9% is going to get poorer faster.

      Real FME is organic, and spontaneously arises from property rights and individualism.