Friday, May 13, 2016

14 Year Old Kid Starts First Aid Vending Machine Firm; Allegedly Turns Down $30 Million Offer for the Company


  1. The 14 year old realizes that the $15 dollar minimum wage was going to hurt his business idea.... so he figures out a way around it.... amazing that adults cannot figure it out

  2. I hope to live in a society some day where this type of thing is looked at with as much awe and admiration as a large derriere is today.

  3. Suppliers to industrial employers have vending machines (that use employee badges, codes, etc) that dispense things like gloves, bandages, thread locker, ear plugs, whatever you can think of someone might need during the day. The rep loads the machine every so often and the machine records the bill.

    On related note vending machines can be loaded with just about whatever product one wants to sell. Standard models are more versatile than most people think.