Monday, May 9, 2016

A Day in the Life of Donald Trump

NyPo reports:

Donald Trump backpedaled Monday from weekend statements that he’d raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

Trump, calling in to CNN and Fox Business Channel, claimed his tax plans would be across-the-board cuts to everyone — but said when push comes to shove, he’d advocate for the middle class ahead of the rich.

“I put in the biggest tax decrease of anybody running for office by far, OK? And many people think it’s great and if anything, I was criticized because it’s too deep, it’s too steep a cut,” he told CNN.

“That really is a proposal because we have to go to Congress, we have to go to the Senate we have to go to our congressmen and -women and we have to, you know, negotiate a deal.”

He went on: “Now if I increase it on the wealthy, that means they’re still going to pay less than they pay now. I’m not talking about increasing from this point. I’m talking about increasing from my tax proposal.”

Trump continued to explain himself minutes later on Fox Business Channel.

I may have to raise it a little bit because this is a negotiation. I may have to raise it … on the highest earners,” he said. ““I’m really going to fight hard for the middle class … but I could see the wealthy getting raised, but I’m not talking about getting raised from where they are now. I’m talking about getting raised from my low proposal.”

On Sunday, the real estate tycoon told “This Week” that he was open to higher taxes on the rich.

“I am willing to pay more. And you know what? The wealthy are willing to pay more,” he said.


  1. No question he's making this up as he goes along.

  2. In the same way that Trump's wealth fluctuates based on his feelings, whether or not he raises taxes will depend on his feelings at the moment.