Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bankster Evil Intensifies: Now They Want to Look Inside Your Safety Deposit Boxes (And Throw Out What They Don't Like)

According to a letter sent to clients last month, a copy of which was obtained by the South China Morning Post, the bank said that under new conditions of its leases for safety deposit boxes it had the right to dispose of any items it considered illegal, of an “offensive” nature or likely to be a “nuisance”, in any way it saw fit and without prior notice or consent.

The letter did not clarify what HSBC meant by “offensive” or “nuisance”, and did not explain under what circumstances bank staff would be able to inspect the boxes.

It asked clients to sign and return the letter within one month to confirm their acceptance of the updated conditions, so “we [HSBC] can continue providing you with the Safe Deposit Locker services”.

“This is a ridiculous and grossly invasive power which makes a nonsense of the whole purpose of a safety deposit box,” the Post quotes  Barrister Neville Sarony, SC as saying. “Granting HSBC the unlimited right to snoop in your box and dispose of its contents without prior warning makes a total nonsense of the word ‘safe’.”

“HSBC has a clear commitment to defend the integrity of the financial system against activities such as money laundering,” a spokesman told the Post. “We want to reassure … these changes to the terms and conditions will not in any way reduce the security and privacy of our safe deposit locker service.”

This appears to be an escalation in the direction of harassing those who prefer to keep their funds in the form of, say, cash or gold.

Last April,  JPMoragnChase sent a letter to safety deposit customers announcing that cash would be prohibited from being stored in the bank's safety deposit boxes.



  1. Closing my Account, now!

  2. I've always been weary of the idea of storing wealth in a safety deposit box. I always thought if there is a crash and you need to access it the banks doors will be closed...

    I guess you don't have to wait on a crash for it to be proven a terrible idea...

  3. What is the difference between going into my safety box or into my house and take what they want and sell it? All this without my consent. Essentially this would mean a total break down of social order as we know it.

  4. If your wealth is in their buildings it is not yours. Never was. Nothing has changed. These criminals will loot the boxes with or without laws protecting their theft. In case you have not noticed they never go to jail. The system is sick so sick in fact it is already pronounced dead.

  5. Silly silly serf....you thought we still had "rule of law". You are
    a FOOL for keeping anything valuable in a bank but generations have
    been brainwashed with the idea your local bankster in honest.

  6. For years, my family has urged me to put my rarest comic books in a safety deposit box.I'm not going to, after reading this.

  7. I prefer the First International Bank of Doberman...in other words...under the mattress so to speak. Come and get it, my guards don't sleep much and there are three of them...