Saturday, May 21, 2016

Einstein Was No Genius When It Came to Economics

Also, I have reported before:
 Albert Einstein had a cousin, Norbert Einstein, who was a pretty good free market economist.
Bettina Bien-Greaves once told me that Norbert said to her that Albert was completely baffled by IRS income tax forms.


  1. He wrote essay "Why Socialism" praising it. Does not get more erroneous than

  2. He wasn't necessarily all that when it came to science either:

    Relativity and the Priesthood of Science

  3. "I'm No Einstein"

    In modern times, no figure has better represented the title of genius than theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, Time Magazine’s Man of the Century. Einstein’s theories of Special and General Relativity continues to shape much of cosmologies theoretical framework. However, contrary to popular claims, not all experiments have confirmed his theories. Wal Thornhill, The Thunderbolts Project Science Advisor, sets forth a classical physics rejoinder to Einstein’s General Relativity theory on its 100th anniversary.