Monday, May 16, 2016

Former Treasury Secretary Summers: The Idea of A Trump Presidency Scares Me

Larry Summers is correct here.

But, of course, the only thing worse would be the crony Keynesian bankster policies that Summers advocates.

Summers, by the way, comes from horrific lineage. He is the nephew of Paul Samuelson.



  1. Good interview. But unless Hillary is able to pull a rabbit out of the hat it looks like we have to face up to the high likelihood of a Trump Presidency. As for Hillary being less erratic than Trump, is that really true?

  2. If one is frightened by the idea that a certain person attains the presidency, shouldn't one reconsider the whole idea of an empowered presidency?

  3. His dad, Robert, is Samuelson's brother. His mom, Anita, is Kenneth Arrow's sister.

    He's still a clown.