Friday, May 20, 2016

Hugo Chávez's Daughter (age 36) Is Worth $4.2 Billion

Writes Alan Reynolds:
"Socialism" has always been a euphemism for robbery.
The Latin Post reports:
The 35-year-old, whom embattled President Nicolás Maduro last year appointed an alternate ambassador to the United Nations, apparently holds most of her assets in accounts in the United States and Andorra, where they are not affected by Venezuela's volatile economy and highly deflationary currency...

During his lifetime, Chávez frequently denounced wealthy individuals, the Daily Mail recalled. "The rich don't work, they're lazy," he said in a speech in 2010. "Every day they go drinking whiskey -- almost every day -- and drugs, cocaine, (and) they travel."

But the socialist leader's daughters seem to have adopted a rather lavish lifestyle. Their refusal to move out of Miraflores Palace, Venezuela's official presidential residence, cost the Venezuelan state $3.6 million a day in 2014, El Comercio noted, based on estimates by opposition congressman Carlos Berrisbeitía. It also meant that Chávez's successor had to remain in the vice presidential residence.


  1. Is she married? She seems to be within the federally mandated minimum attractiveness range.

    1. Sure, if you want a wife that looks exactly like Hugo Chavez in drag. But hey, a few billion helps.