Sunday, May 8, 2016

Millennials Are Now Officially America's Largest Living Generation

And they will likely face the wrath of interventionist and socialist policies for most of their lives.

They will never have a chance unless views move in the direction of liberty soon.

And the chances are slim. The masses, especially the millennial masses, are very confused.

(via World Economic Forum)


  1. Let us look forward to the day they bury "freedom" along with famous "freedom fighters" like George Bush et al. If freedom is what you shills sell, give me socialism or Sharia Law - anything but the world you ideologues advocate

  2. "Come on and take a free ride" - Edgar Winter Group

    Yeah, let me know how that works out for you.

    1. What you talking about Willis? Social security and Medicare aren't getting used by millennial generation. The wldare Queens are the boomers.

    2. Agreed, but we are the ones that paid into it. The Millennials just expect they will have those things in place without the foggiest idea where it comes from. They will be stunned, likes ducks head in the head, when the freebies stop because the baby boomers are dying off and not paying the bills anymore. I point out the all of the Soviet Union, the next day, after the fall, people lined up at the hospitals, like they always had, but the doors were closed and they were dumbfounded that the freebie they always had was gone.

    3. Phathead,

      I am referring to anyone who buys into the empty promises of any politician or politics as a just means to accomplish an end, Millenials included.

      While they aren't using SS or Medicare, they are expecting politics and politicians to solve their problems, economically and otherwise. Very unwise. The piper always gets paid and he makes bank.

    4. Generation X are the ones that are really the big losers with SS and medicare. Generation X spends their entire working career paying for these things the boomers and older generations use and then when it comes time for generation X to use them they will be gone. At least millennials will have a good hunk of their working years to recover after they go away.

  3. So long as the state has the schools there will be less and less liberty.