Friday, May 27, 2016

MORE HORRORS Donald Trump Met With Arthur Laffer

Here's another reason to fear Donal Trump economic policy,

Earlier this year, Arthur Laffer, of Laffer Curve fame, made a trip to speak with Trump at Trump Tower in New York, according to NewsMax. Laffer said the talk went well and that Trump strikes him as "presidential."

Laffer is a foundational thinker of supply-side economics of which the Laffer curve is a subcategory.

Years ago, Murray Rothbard exposed the phoniness of supply-side economics and the Laffer curve:

Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore are even closer advisers to Trump.

According to NewsMax, Kudlow and Moore have been working with the campaign on its tax plan, advising Trump to cut some deductions for high-income Americans and "raise money by broadening the tax base," said Moore.

 "Raise money by broadening the tax base"? WTF? 

This is very scary stuff, it is an early signal that as I suspected, when all is said and done, Trump is going to raise taxes. 


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