Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Paging Tom DiLorenzo


You really need to write the Anti-Hamilton Broadway play.

From Bloomberg:
'Hamilton' Scalpers Pocket $240,000 Every Week... 
According to Matt Rousu, an economics professor at Susquehanna University. With eight shows a week, that comes out to $240,000 every seven days, or almost $12.5 million a year filling the pockets of brokers.
And that is just the scalpers take!

The show has made almost $67 million in revenue since it began in July, according to It nets $500,000 in profit each week, according to the Times.


  1. The title is already there: "Hamilton's Curse". Consider it a sequel. And sometimes the sequel is the better of the two. "Bride of Frankenstein" was WAY better than the original.

  2. Oh wait! A better idea! Take a tip from Monty Python and call it "Spamilton"!

    1. Although I've not seen the play (and have no desire to do so) I have read several reviews and seen a few scenes and it looks like a hot mess. No consistent musical style ranging from hip-hop to lullabies to operetta this is a farce, a satire on Broadway itself. But Broadway doesn't get it or doesn't want to since the play is a financial success. One reviewer thought the play was summarized by one characters line: “Hey, yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry, and I am not throwing away my shot.” That describes every teenager ever born but nothing about the unique activities in America in the late 1700's. The fact that most of the actors are black reveals the performance is so PC there is no room for thoughtful biting satire only the appearance of satire. And the audience loves it. I doubt there is an audience that wants a play that offers a more accurate story and I'm sure Prof. DiLorenzo does not view his book as farce. So I suggest Prof. DiLorenzo stay away from this venue it has nothing to offer you.

    2. That's an actual line from the play?? Geeez, that's Godawful! You're right, it's beneath spoofable (if that could be a word).
      Interestingly, the TV miniseries about John Adams from a few years back portrayed Hamilton as a self-interested sleazeball.