Saturday, May 14, 2016

Quote of the Day

“I don’t care who writes a nation’s laws — or crafts its advanced treatises — if I can write its economics textbooks.” — Paul A. Samuelson.

And unfortunately, it was the socialist-Keynesian Samuelson who did write the economic textbook that was  the most popular for decades.

Economics,” first published in 1948, was the nation’s best-selling textbook for nearly 30 years. Translated into 20 languages, it was selling 50,000 copies a year a half century after it first appeared.

From the first edition (1948)
Russia with its communistic government appears to be on the march...The capitalistic way of life is on trial.


  1. I have seen the future and it twerks.

  2. by Tom Woods has a course which goes through Samuelson's book, chapter by chapter, and systematically identifies the errors and fallacies within. Very important work by Woods and faculty member Jeffery Herbener.

  3. 2 semesters with Samuelson at Purdue left me dazed and confused. 4 days with "Economics in One Lesson" by Hazlett 25 years later and I can see clearly now.