Monday, May 23, 2016

The Bankster Squeeze: Greece Hikes VAT, Plus New Taxes on Internet, Television, Fuel....

Greece’s parliament approved a raft of fresh taxes that the country must legislate to unlock further rescue loans, as the country’s most influential creditors—Germany and the International Monetary Fund—remain deadlocked over debt relief, reports WSJ.

The measures were backed by the 153 lawmakers from the ruling Syriza party and its junior coalition partner, the Independent Greeks, securing the majority in the 300-seat parliament late Sunday.

The measures voted on Sunday included new taxes on fuel, tobacco, alcohol, Internet, pay television, hotel stays, cars, changes in property tax, as well as a rise in the basic value-added tax rate, applied to most goods and services, to 24% from 23%.

Greece should really just default on its debt and screw the banksters. The original loans were bankster to crony government loans and have nothing to do with the average person in Greece. The average citizen shouldn't be squeezed and forced to pay. This is really outrageous. The Greek people can't even relax at home to escape the banbankster-caused misery. As they "relax," their alcohol, cigarettes, intenet, and television are taxed.


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  1. "The idea that the Fed would never raise interest rates again after the December Fed rate hike and, indeed, that the Fed would reverse the December rate hike and possibly introduce negative rates, was an absurd perspective, held by many, including Austrian-lites, who really don't understand Austrian school business cycle theory, how markets work or what the Fed is really up to."

    I admit to not understanding what the Fed is really up to. Can you please tell me? and also what commodity prices and fed rate hike path will look like the next couple years?