Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trump Adviser Jeff Sessions Warns Against Expansion of Guest Worker Program

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL),  a key Trump adviser especially on immigration, is pushing back against an effort that would permanently and significantly expand the annual cap on low-skilled, temporary foreign workers allowed in the U.S. each year, reports Breitbart.
In a letter to Senate appropriators first reported by Politico, Sessions argues against a bipartisan group of lawmakers’ recent call to make permanent the elevated level of low-skilled guest worker visas contained in last year’s omnibus spending bill.
That provision allowed for the exemption of so-call “returning workers” — or foreigners who had guest worker H-2B status for the previous three fiscal years — from the annual H-2B cap of 66,000.
He justified his anti-guest worker program stance by displaying basic economic ignorance.
“[M]illions of Americans who are currently unemployed or underemployed directly compete for the jobs that are often filled by H-2B workers: i.e. landscapers, hotel workers, loggers, construction workers, amusement and recreation attendants, waiters or waitresses,” Sessions wrote.
Markets clear. There is no unemployment caused by guest workers.
It is also difficult to see how libertarians could support Sessions in his effort, since there are workers, not those attempting to enter to live off the state.


  1. It seems to me Mr Wenzel, that a man of your economic persuasion, would really be eager for the markets to clear without government granting special favors to people with get out of jail free cards called guest worker visas. Don't employers who utilize them for added profits, exploit market forces by lobbying heavily and giving heavily to congress critters to achieve their self-centered goals?

  2. Wenzel thinks its great when the entire third world comes here and oblivious to the limitations of his open border stupidity. He can't grasp that not all cultures are equal and there reasons why some need to stay home and not come here.

    I would like it not to be true, but limited government only works with those on the same page.

  3. Socialized costs and privatized profits are the order of the day with these visas. Very "libertarian".