Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trump Says Taxes for the Wealthy Should Go Up

Oh yeah, Donald Trump is really a small-government guy

Trump said on Sunday that taxes for the wealthy should go up. On NBC's "Meet the Press," he talked partly about having to negotiate with Congress as a reason that taxes would go up on the rich, but then emphasized that taxes should go up on the rich.

"For the wealthy I think frankly it is going to go up and, you know what, it really should go up," Trump said.

BTW, when a politician is talking rich and taxes, he considers anyone earning money (as opposed to on welfare) rich.

Trump also said that the minimum wage should go up but that it should be handled at the state level.

(starts at 8:18)



  1. Well, we all wondered whether he would return to his Liberal Democrat roots once he (effectively) sealed the nomination. I guess now we know. Interesting that it will be an election between Liberal Democrats. Unlike Hillary though, he is (probably) not subject to blackmail.

  2. --Oh yeah, Donald Trump is really a small-government guy--

    Well, you knew he wasn't. Most of us knew he wasn't. But don't for a minute think that those supporters who ostensibly defend capitalism care that he is not a free-marketeer. Just yesterday (Saturday) during the economics morning show Cashin' In (Fox News) host Eric Bolling told regular guest Jonathan Hoenig that Trump is promoting a 'different brand of Capitalism' which is not necessarily Hoenig's. This was an accurate yet still amazing admission from a Trumpista like Bolling because he was admitting that Trump is not a free-market capitalist. It was left to one to interpret what Bolling meant with a 'different brand of Capitalism' but if I had to venture a gues, I would say Bolling is talking about promoting Fascism, even if unwittingly.

  3. It certainly does sound like he wants a tax hike, since if he's "negotiating" it wouldn't be very smart to state up front his position is super flexible.

  4. Will you morons please listen to what he said and not take the MSM and RW's slanted interpretation. He said the rich will pay more.....THAN HIS PROPOSED PLAN,,,,, which sets the high rate at 25%.
    It really is annoying that none of you can follow a simple conversation.
    Listen to him again and see if I am right.