Thursday, May 12, 2016

Uber Ends Ride-Sharing Service in Sweden after "Encountering Some Resistance"

The crazed central planners in Sweden have used government muscle to shut down Uber in the country.

Uber will shut down its ride-sharing service UberPop in Sweden on May 18 as the company struggles with local taxi regulation, reports Bloomberg.

In an e-mailed statement, Uber said its car-pooling service had "encountered some resistance" and that Sweden "needs a modern and clearer regulatory framework for the emerging sharing economy."

UberPop became available in Sweden in September 2014 and has operated there ever since. However, it recently suffered a setback when a local driver was sentenced and fined by Sweden’s Svea Court of Appeal for illegal taxi trade and breaching related local laws.




    Am I the only person that loves this response from Uber?

  2. It's interesting to watch the struggles of an upstart business in today's excessive regulatory environment. One area where I think the taxi companies have a point is that they are required to carry commercial insurance, whereas Uber drivers are on personal insurance. It raises the broader issue of requiring drivers to carry insurance. How should this work? Drivers do cause accidents and injure people. Do we just not mandate insurance, but the courts impose punitive fines and it's on the driver to make sure they have coverage?