Thursday, May 19, 2016

VERY SUSPICIOUS Return Of The Gold Standard? Why Now?

Another great and important discussion between Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams.

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  1. It is clear as Rothbard wrote various times about many things that the government ruins a good idea, something they without a doubt did with the gold standard. They fractionally-reserved off of it and still devalued the currency, hence there still was a boom-bust cycle.

    It's interesting how any free-market phenomenon gets ruined with government intervention, and gives rise to nationalism. Such is the case with immigration. Illegals don't qualify for welfare, but are blamed for doing receiving it. When they become legal, they are taxed, as are guest workers, which is expropriation, something that exists with regular citizens. What makes me surprised is that people don't look at the statistics to notice Mexicans, after China and India, as having the 3rd highest number of skilled workers to America.

    Mainstream media and government target groups of people they feel don't fit into their coercive mold of how they want people to be. It is a nationalist thing, not one based on basic economics.

    Just a random point, but it would be awesome if Ron Paul jumped in the race last minute. I think this would be his year, look at the choices America is making in the election process.