Monday, June 20, 2016

5 Reasons So Many Britons Favor Brexit And Want To Dump the EU

By Diana Furchtgott-Roth

Just as Americans wouldn’t want U.S. tax, immigration and regulatory policy to be controlled by an imaginary American Union office based in Buenos Aires, many British don’t like their country being controlled by European Union bureaucrats in Brussels.

That is why the latest polls show more British side with the “Leave” than the “Remain” campaign ahead of the Brexit referendum on June 23.

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union — call it the AU for short — responsible for 60% of laws, which is the share in Britain that come from the EU in Brussels rather than from Parliament in London. We wouldn’t like an AU telling us we couldn't deport criminals or control our borders, as the EU does to Britain.

We wouldn’t want an AU ruling that we could no longer buy food by the pound, but would have to buy it in kilos because in Latin America food is measured in kilos. That is what the EU tells Britain. Everything from tomatoes to butter to flour has to be sold in kilos.

Americans wouldn’t like an American Union telling us how many hours we are allowed to work. According to EU law, Brits cannot work for more than 48 hours a week, averaged over 17 weeks. People who do work more have to sign a form saying that they agree to opt out of the 48-hour week. People who work in certain occupations, primarily transportation — airlines, shipping, trucking — aren’t permitted to opt out and cannot work more than 48 hours even if they want to do so.

Congress didn't pass a cap-and- trade emissions trading program when it was proposed under a Democratic Congress in 2009-2010. America wouldn’t like to have such a program imposed by an American Union. But the U.K. has to take part in the EU Emissions Trading System. It requires 15% of electricity to be generated by renewables by 2020, even if this raises the price of electricity for British households.

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  1. I would like to join this AU, sounds much more organized than this shit show ;)

  2. The AU sounds a lot like the Federal Government's relationship to the states; even if not always explicit.

  3. Let's hope the Brits vote to reclaim their sovereignty. Then maybe we can work on reclaiming ours in the US.