Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Argentine Crony Gets Caught Trying to Bury $9 Million Cash

FT reports that the leftist political movement led by Argentina’s ex-president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, sunk deeper into disarray after a key former official was allegedly caught trying to bury bags containing almost $9m dollars in a convent outside Buenos Aires.

With “kirchnerismo” already tainted by several high-profile corruption scandals, Argentines were shocked by the dramatic arrest of José López, the former public works secretary, who was found with an assault rifle, severable valuable watches and 160 heat-sealed bundles of dollars, euros, Japanese yen and Qatari riyal.

Once surrounded by police, López took refuge in the convent’s kitchen, telling a group of nuns: “They are going to steal from me. Because I stole the money to come and help here.”

After his arrest, he was perp walked for local television wearing a helmet and bulletproof vest.



  1. So.... about that June Fed rate hike... yeah, not so much. I just searched the site for how many posts were about the potential for a June rate hike. There were... a bunch. There must be some serious 'splaining going on behind that paywall...


    1. Yeah, find one where I said there would be a June rate hike. I reported that others said there might be including Krugman, but not me. Reading comprehension problem?

    2. Don't worry about us Hollow--those of us behind the paywall knew a June hike was unlikely weeks ago.

  2. I was expecting some boom spin on industrial production negative for the 9th straight month. If we're not in recession, it's the longest streak in 100 years.

    Sliding into recession at the zero bound. FED boxed in. Endgame closer with no ammo. Just peddling fiction again. Keep your eyes wide shut.

  3. Boy this comment thread is off subject!
    As to the article, they got the wrong guy! They arrested Sgt. Schultz!!