Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bill Gates: Raising Chickens Empowers Women

Bill has gone over the edge in his politically correct thinking. He writes of chicken raising in third world countries:
They empower women. Because chickens are small and typically stay close to home, many cultures regard them as a woman’s animal, in contrast to larger livestock like goats or cows.
Chicken raising may make sense for a family in a third world country, but why stick in "women empowerment"?

It's about the division of labor, it just makes sense that women work with the physically easy to deal with birds.

It's not as though tribe members sat down and debated "How can we empower women so they have strong self-esteem?"

Division of labor simply divides up labor in the way that makes the most economic sense. There is no "women empowerment" going on. It out about increasing a standard of living of a family.

In different countries, that labor division will be different.

Gates is thinking like a bird brain here.



  1. Peter van Buren talks about the state dept encouraging Iraqis to raise chickens during Iraqi war. Turns out it was miles cheaper to import frozen chicken from the US or Brazil.

  2. My Grandfather milked the cows, fed the pigs, saw to the horses and attended to the field work, my Grandmother tended a large garden, canned vegies made preserves and saw to the chickens. She had 12 mouths to feed, she worked very hard at what she was best suited. Grandad's barn built the house, Grandma kept the house fed.

  3. He's probably just tapping into popular keywords.