Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bizarre Washington Post Attack Piece on Donald Trump

War is the alternative to freedom of foreign investment as realized by the international capital markets.-Ludwig von Mises, Human Action

The Washington Post has a hit piece out on Donald Trump outlining how the international businessman, get this, tried to do international business in Russia.

Blares the headline:  Inside Trump’s financial ties to Russia and his unusual flattery of Vladimir Putin

WaPo tells us:
The dynamic illustrates the extent to which Trump’s worldview has been formed through the lens of commerce rather than the think tanks, government deliberations and international diplomatic conferences that typically shape the foreign policy positions of presidential candidates.
Wow, the fact that Trump came in peace to do business without advice from neocon think tanks is somehow considered a negative by WaPo.

John Schindler, war hawk and "formerly Formerly NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC" tweeted out on learning of the WaPO piece:

As it turns out, Trump never even got to meet Putin in Russia, as WaPO had to even admit:
 Donald Trump was in his element, mingling with beauty pageant contestants and business tycoons as he brought his Miss Universe pageant to Russia for a much-anticipated Moscow debut. Nonetheless, Trump was especially eager for the presence of another honored guest: Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Trump tweeted Putin a personal invitation to attend the pageant, and a one-on-one meeting between the New York businessman and the Russian leader was scheduled for the day before the show.
Putin canceled at the last minute, but he sent a decorative lacquered box, a traditional Russian gift, and a warm note, according to Aras Agalarov, a Moscow billionaire who served as a liaison between Trump and the Russian leader.
Everyone in eastern Europe gets a decorative lacquered box, it is one notch above a box of chocolates. I was once the recipient of one. This is Trump's tie to Putin?

Like I have said, I am no fan of Donald Trump policies but he sure has served a purpose in drawing out the establishment and showing how aggressively they will act in attempting to destroy a political climber who is not part of the inner circle.

Drawing out the establishment, so that they display the evil, dishonest schemers that they are, is not enough for me to support Trump but it is very instructive.



  1. WaPo has gone off the deep end, all-in on attacking Trump. It's amazing how much derangement Trump has inspired this year, both for and against him.

  2. You have gone off the deep end. It wasn't just a lacquered box. It was large amounts of money, and more importantly, flattery. Flattering Donald is the way to his heart because he is a huge narcissist. Calling this article a "hit piece" is just an insult-- it appears to be calculated to destroy the information value of the piece. The problem is not that Donald did business in Russia, the problem is that he took Putin's flattery at face value and now accepts Putin's point of view on such things as the invasion of Crimea and the legitimacy of the dictator-genocidal murderer Hafez al-Assad. Putin is nostalgic for the glory times of Soviet Russia (he was a member of the Soviet secret police and still accepts their value system, such as it is) and he is an enemy of the United States as well as of Western Europe.

    1. Jesus. The cold war is over. Listen to Scott Horton.

      Putin has no desire to rule eastern Europe. Assad is not genocidal. The only assholes in the equation work in DC.

    2. So, the United States kills millions of Muslims, but it is Al-Assad who is committing the genocide? And yet American's can't understand why the world hates us.

  3. dictator-genocidal eye doctor.