Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blowing Up Hillary Clinton's Memoir

David Gordon completely destroys  Hard Choices, Hillary's memoir of her years as Secretary of State, here.

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  1. Gordon captures very well the nature of the meddling and self-aggrandizing politician.

    Years ago the N.Y.Times published letters Hillary Clinton wrote during college to a pen pal that describe why she chose that path.

    The Times writes that in one letter:

    "Ms. Rodham becomes expansive and wistful when discussing the nature of leadership and public service, and how the validation of serving others can be a substitute for self-directed wisdom. “If people react to you in the role of answer bestower then quite possibly you are,"


    "From there, she deems the process of self-definition to be “too depressing” and asserts that “the easiest way out is to stop any thought approaching introspection and to advise others whenever possible.”