Thursday, June 23, 2016

Brexit: The Vote Details

Key points
  • Polls are open from 7am to 10pm
  • A record 46,499,537 people are entitled to vote
  • Initial indications from around the country are of high turnout, with many polling stations reporting queues
  • FT poll of opinion polls on Wednesday night put Remain fractionally ahead at 47% versus 45% for Leave

1 comment:

  1. Either way it swings, a large group of people will feel disenfranchised and rightly so - although neither side truly knows what the proper course-of-action should be. Therein lies the problem with democracy: truth is not determined by majority vote.

    Personally, I favor decentralization. Why should Britain remain in the EU? Why should Scotland remain in Britain? Why should Glasgow remain in Scotland? With every layer of a larger legal legislature comes more rules, more taxes, and more harassment by a growing population calling themselves the majority. Seems pretty damn strange to me to add more and more decision-making groups along the way when even local municipalities can't decide on things.

    After a while, a person is not a meaningful individual within it all and becomes a cold statistic, with a number instead of a name, and a feeble, watered down vote to cling to - calling it freedom.