Monday, June 27, 2016

Disappointment Coming in Over Brexit

Michael Edelstein emails:
Johnson softening in his bid to be elected prime minister?

So, the leave campaign was saying, "Let’s walk way from Europe and just sign a free trade deal and go global." Today Johnson is saying, "Let’s not walk away from Europe." He’s implied they have to sign a single-market deal with Europe that would keep them within most of the European Union’s regulations. So I think he’s looking like the favorite.
Charles Wilson emails:
Britain First!...and mebbe last

I'm already losing enthusiasm here.  The first speeches of the British Politicos were not encouraging.  The Taxes and Regulations are Pre-Owned by the Leaders.  If Farage is more of a Populist than a Free Market Leader, then Brexit was  merely to claim British Rule from Euro-Rule with the spoils going to whomever stands in the front of the line..

Meanwhile, predictably, the Moloch Leviathan People are already promoting the New! Improved! Fascist State.

RW note:

I really don't get excited about coups, revolutions and exits until we are able to see what they are replaced with.

I wrote on Friday:
Backroom globalism is now out in Britain, but will it be replaced with greater free trade or greater protectionism?
What hath this day deserved ? what hath it done,
That it in golden letters should be set
 Among the high tides in the calendar ?
King John: A Tragedy
by William Shakespeare
Until the masses gain a fundamental appreciation of liberty most  coups, revolutions and exits will be disappointing if not downright dangerous.


  1. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" - The Who

  2. Most voters vote for what is spewed during the campaign and go about there days as if that's all that is needed to get what they thought they voted for. Meanwhile the implementation is carried out by bureaucrats ultimately instructed by elites with little over site from the voters.

  3. That's a great point. It's not like the seceded Britain is going to have a classical liberal government.


    RW --

    Before this Thread sinks slowly in the West, one or two more comments from me, please:

    1. You are absolutely correct. It will take time for the results to appear. It always does. The Capitalists - of which I consider myself a member - are looking for Settled Law from which they can make decisions about future expectations for business. My comment above was that the first round of speeches were fairly poor. Perhaps it was to give a little ring kissing to the King's Court. As long as the ring was the only part they kissed, I could accept it.

    2. Please have a look at Nigel Farage here. The atmosperics are simply wonderful, especially at ~ 4:20 on.

    What gives me hope is that Farage specifically states that he wishes for a Tariff-Free Agreement with the EU after Article 50 is Invoked.

    It's there now, on record.

    Here's hoping...