Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Every Janet Yellen Speech Summarized, Using Zebras

Reddit user FantasticBabyyy recreated Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen's speeches by replacing the "Fedspeak" with a zebra analogy.

Yellen: The zebra is an animal. Its skin is white, on some spots. And on others, it is black. Sometimes, people say there is white more than black, but others say there is black more than white. In consideration of that, if it is black or white, I will say both. And consider other factors involved. New questions and considerations will be taken into account. But in the future, we will know the color, perhaps it is black and white, but my colleagues and I, we will take all consideration moving forward. We will make gradual and further investigation going forward and take into account every appropriate data and incoming information available.

(via Benzinge)

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