Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Federal Reserve Reveals It Has Been Under Constant Attack by Hackers Since 2011

he Federal Reserve has been under constant attack by hackers since at least 2011, including four attempts it labels as "espionage."

But it is unclear if hackers have penetrated the Fed's security system.

Records obtained by CNNMoney list more than 50 incidents that were labeled as either "unauthorized access" or "information disclosure."

In a statement to CNNMoney, a Federal Reserve representative said the central bank is facing a barrage of cyberattacks.

"As with other government agencies, the Federal Reserve is a target for cyberattacks," the statement said. "However, our security program and processes for detecting and countering attacks are robust and our critical operations have never been affected."

According to CNNMoney, the language used in the internal reports hints that hackers did access -- and perhaps even extract -- information from the Federal Reserve.


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