Sunday, June 5, 2016

Koch-Funded GMU Economist Sends Out a Happy Birthday Note to Keynes

Happy birthday John Maynard Keynes (1883) ... Gifted with the pen, charismatic in person, he transformed economics and impacted economic policy for the last 70 years.

I prefer Lew Rockwell's attitude Keynes Must Die.

And then there is this great Murray Rothbard take:



  1. Impacted? in the same way as Hiroshima was impacted by a nuclear bomb?

  2. Shame. I actually like Boettke a little bit, good writer and thinker. But he is soooo tied up by the strictures of his academic culture, that he will give all the benefit of the doubt to the statists, but require insurmountable levels of proof from the Austrians and libertarians before he commits to anything that looks like a universal principle.

    I also hate how he plays the dissociation game with the Austrians and libertarians that dare espouse their views in plain English. I wonder how "Coordination Problem" is working out as his blog title...