Monday, June 20, 2016

Marxist Economist Makes Bid for Power in Spain

Will he promise to turn Spain into another Venezuela?

“Something is happening in this country when someone like me — who is a communist, who wants a republic — emerges as the most valued politician in the polls,” the leader of Izquierda Unida, or United Left, Alberto Garzón, told the Finacial Times.

According to FT, the 30-year old eself-described Marxist is now the most popular politician in Spain.

Writes FT:
Polls suggest Unidos Podemos, the leftist alliance that brings together Mr Gárzon’s group and the bigger Podemos party, is on course to win 25 per cent of the vote. That would make Unidos Podemos, or United We Can, the second-biggest bloc in parliament, and turn the recently formed alliance into a genuine contender to lead the next Spanish government...
The rapid rise of Unidos Podemos is not least to his credit. In Mr Garzón, the alliance has a youthful and articulate politician who connects well with disenchanted younger voters. At the same time, he does not provoke the sharp antagonism that has been directed at Pablo Iglesias, leader of Podemos...
In ideological terms, too, there are differences. “We are more orthodox. We continue to believe in class struggle and we believe that capitalism is an economic system that has to be overcome. They [Podemos] are post-Marxists,” says Mr Garzón, before adding: “But we have the same trajectory, the same roots.
The seeming universal failure of the masses to understand the evil anti-freedom structural foundation of socialism, Marxism, etc.  and the horrific economic oppression it leads to is quite stunning.

Free market advocacy at present is pretty much a pebble in a statist ocean.



  1. Where are the minarchist politicians like Ron Paul? The limited government philosophy is the only counter to socialism.

    1. In the world of politics it can be no other way. Politics is about gaining the power to steal and get away with it. Outside of politics (which is ignored by the MSM) its a different story. Anecdotal evidence is in the letters to the MSM's headline articles suggesting there is a significant number who realize the danger of socialism. Civil disobedience may be the only effective response.

  2. Civil disobedience can devolve into violence and even civil war. Politics is the best way to change the laws.

    1. Politics does evolve into violence and even civil war.

      It was disciplined civil disobedience,the sit-ins and marches, that was instrumental in the success of the 1960's American civil rights movement. It was a form of politics outside of the state, a ground up movement until it was co-opted by the state.