Monday, July 18, 2016

An Out of Office Comment From Nigel Farage on Brexit

Taki (who else?) ran into Nigel Farage in London and reports in:
The highlight of my London season was, of course, giving a dinner at Hertford Street for my friend Greville Howard and then being taken upstairs by Robin Birley to meet my hero, Nigel Farage. Let’s face it. Nigel is the big winner in all this. UKIP members were called lotsa names, the nicest being fruitcakes, but they’re the ones who forced the vote and who inspired more than 17 million Brits to vote Brexit. We had a very good chat, Lord Howard asking Nigel what we should guard against, having won. That was an easy one. Not following through, a May-like dependence on civil servants (my words) who will water everything down. We then proceeded to smoke nonstop just to piss a few people off.

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