Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Donald Trump Jr's Speechwriter Wants ""Socialist Ends By Capitalist Means”

Because Donald Trump Jr. used a line in his speech that was very similar to a line in an American Conservative article by F.H Buckley, which initially appeared to be plagiarism. Don Jr's chief speechwriter has stepped forward to explain. The chief speechwriter was F. H. Buckley.

So rather than being a case of plagiarism, it was a case of lazysim.  Buckley just took a line from the article that he wrote and recycled it in Don Jr's speech.

But what is most noteworthy now that Buckley has been identified himself as Don Jr's speechwriter is who Buckley is. He is a Foundation Professor at the heavily Koch brothers funded George Mason University School of Law. He is also a BIG Donakd Trump suppporter. Nearly all of his recent American Spectator articles are defenses of Trump.

But Buckley is one strange cat, when he is not reclycling lines from his articles and putting them in his client's national speeches, he is calling for  "socialist ends by capitalist means.”

During an interview with Josh Keefe in Donald Trump Sr's son-in-law's newspaper, The Observer, the ,ahem. logic he used to defend the presidential candidate went like this:
I’ve got a home mortgage interest deduction, so I’m a taker. I have a number of older friends who have had health issues and but for Medicare they’d be bankrupt. And these are solid conservatives I’m talking about; they’re discovering they are takers as well. We’re all both. We’re all both givers and takers and we are all Americans and we shouldn’t be divided. We are looking for someone to bring us together.
He goes on in the article to support single payer healthcare:
I think that would help a great deal.
Across the board, the people surrounding the Trump family are very scary.



  1. 1. I guess Paul Krugman might be right about one thing. Republicans aren't opposed to socialism or welfare so long as it does not benefit "those people". If it's for "us" or for business, it's not socialism or welfare.

    2. I've noted that the Republicans have done nothing and said nothing about either ZIRP and the Fed (which makes saving for retirement impossible) or the bureaucratized horror that is American medicine (which makes cheap and affordable medicine impossible). Of course, people have nothing left and will rely upon SS and Medicare.

  2. I don't think this is about Donald Trump. If you hang around "conservative" seniors at all, you'll find that they have all rationalized SS and Medicare as their right due to them having "paid into the system" as if some welfare ponzi schemes are different than others. Hell, you even see otherwise libertarian writers refer to SS as "just getting back what you're owed" -- at the expense of people who had nothing to do with the theft from them, but so what? (BTW, I say "take the money, but fight against it", because any money you take is at least not going to other, more destructive purposes).

    Everyone seems to like socialism for their own benefit.

    1. I had a DEEP THOUGHT about that. It appears to me that people will fight 7x harder to maintain an elicit stream of income (and will justify it in their minds) vs. the right to be free to earn and keep one's legitimate income. That was my explanation of the Civil War.

  3. "Socialist Ends By Capitalist Means”
    Impossible. Capitalism never wreaked the havoc upon mankind that socialism has and it never will.

  4. The problem is that Trump has honor and he has scruples. Such a person often assumes that others act in a similar fashion. He'd better learn quickly that he'll be dealing with many people who have neither honor nor scruples.

  5. What kind of pseudo-intellectual thinks tax deductions are "taking?" You are keeping your own money, dummy.