Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Minnesota City Raises Minimum Wage to as High as $19 an Hour

The Shakopee City Council voted last month to increase the minimum wage for new businesses receiving economic incentives to $19 per hour.

In logic only an economcally clueless governmet overlord could make, Samantha DiMaggio, the city’s economic development coordinator, siad that the target is companies with higher-wage jobs that the city hopes to attract.

How does DiMaggio imagine the highest minimum wage in the country is going to attract new businesses? It would seem the only firms that wouldn't care are those that have no low-skilled or minimal low-skilled employess in the first place.

The  new minimum will not affect the city’s existing companies — including apparel company San Mar, digital publisher Shutterfly or Emerson Process Management Rosemount — that have arrived in recent years, including a new Amazon.com Inc. distribution center.


(via the Star Tribune)


  1. If you build it, they will come...

  2. It's an effective way of removing blacks and hispanics from your area if that is the real goal, which it probably is in this case. Of course it can't be stated quite that way. Instead social justice is invoked.