Friday, July 1, 2016

MURDER MYSTERY Still No Leads in the Slaying of Retired World Bank Economist

In a June 20 update release, Fairfax County Police said detectives are continuing to investigate the March 11, 2016 murder of Johan De Leede, a retired World Bank economist.

De Leede, 83, was shot inside his home in the 6000 block of River Drive in the Mason Neck area of Virginia. Shots were fired from outside the residence before dawn, police said.

As part of the investigation, detectives have canvassed the Hallowing Point area going door-to-door on several instances, sometimes conducting follow-up interviews.

The lead detective in the case has also brought on more personnel to help analyze information that’s been gathered, according to the release.

At present, police have named no suspects in the murder case.

A spokesman at the World Bank said De Leede worked there for nearly 25 years before retiring as a senior economist in 1994. According to the Sentinel Source, Mustafa Soykan, a friend and former colleague, said De Leede's work focused on French-speaking countries in Africa.


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