Friday, July 22, 2016

One Don On Another Don

Don Boudreaux writes:

Put Me Into a Coma Come Jan. 20th.

I can understand and appreciate why some people believe that Donald Trump would be a less-dangerous president than would Hillary Clinton.  (Although I no longer hold that view, I once did.  And I concede that my current reckoning of the relative risks might be mistaken.)  But I cannot understand why any sensible person believes that a Pres. Trump would serve any good purpose (beyond a Pres. Trump preventing there being a Pres. H. Clinton).  I cannot understand why any sensible person thinks that a Pres. Trump will diminish rent-seeking and otherwise make the U.S. government less hostile than it currently is to Americans’ freedoms and prosperity.
Pres. Trump’s politically incorrect harrumphing and mad verbal ejaculations will no doubt give heartburn to “Progressive” academics with offices on the Charles and to “Progressive” editorialists with offices in Manhattan.  But so what?  Is a man such as Trump – a man so ignorant of civics, so boastfully boorish, so openly contemptuous of the rule of law, so flamingly ignorant of economics, so nastily bullying, so full of nativist fallacies, so fond of (and skilled at) rousing the rabble, and so megalomaniacal – likely to be someone who does positive good does not do great harm?  Uh-uh.
The above originally appeared at Cafe Hayek.

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