Sunday, July 3, 2016

Starbucks Workers Learn The Grim Reality Of A Higher Minimum Wage

Another idiotic move by social justice warrior Howard Schultz is exposed by market pressures.

Western Journalism reports:
The inexorable reality of the bottom line has produced howls of outrage from Starbucks employees who have seen their hours cut in response to increases in the minimum wage.

The grim reality is a far cry from the words of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who has said, ” … we will pay above the minimum wage in every state we operate. Starbucks is way above the minimum wage. I have always looked at total compensation.”

In fact, things are so bad that Jaime Prater, a Starbucks employee, created an online petition that has more than 9,000 signatures in an effort to get the Lords of Starbucks to hear what life has become for the baristas in the trenches.

” … the current labor practices are sinking morale at corporate stores. Baristas feel the force of the labor cuts and the gross underemployment because of the new standard. We understand that businesses have to be profitable to survive, we get it. What’s happening currently is some of the most extreme labor cuts in Starbucks history,” the petition reads.
More from the petition:
 Hours are becoming more elusive as store managers hire 10-20 employees at 20-25 hours a week, sacrificing tenured employees. At Starbucks, tenure makes no difference. These days, a 7 year employee makes as much as a new hire.... As less and less people are staffed in stores the pressure mounts. 


  1. Hopefully the 7 years will realize they need to improve their skill set and not work at a coffee shop their entire lives.

  2. I can see why she makes minimum wage. If you can count it is "fewer" not "less". I also miss the point of her writing. Business have to make profit to survive, but Starbucks is cutting hours. Which does she want to change? Maybe more hours in an unprofitable business?