Friday, July 1, 2016

White Men Are Not the Biggest Earners

A slight problem for the crazed leftys who think white men rule economic America keepimg the wages of others down.

Quentin Fottrell reports:
Last year, the average hourly wages for Asian men outstripped all other groups. The hourly earnings of Asian men ($24) outpaced the $21 an hour earned by white men, according to a report released Friday by the Pew Research Center.

 Do you think it might have something to do with the marginal product revenue of Asians or do white men just like to pay Asians more?



  1. Yes but there are far more white men than Asian men, so.... there! Or something.

    And what is "white", anyway? I'm fair skinned with green eyes and brown hair yet the only box available to me to check in polls and in the census is "Hispanic, Non-White". I think this racial comparison thing is a big scam.

    1. Also, is "Hispanic" nonwhite at all? The term refers to "Hispaniola" which is Spain. Are people in Spain not every bit as white as people in neighboring France or Italy? If Hispanic is not white, then why would Italian or French be?

    2. Depends on who you ask. Spainards from what Ive been told identify themselves as white European and actually get offended if they are referred to as hispanic. Paleocons view hispanics as non-white, with the left it varies. As we saw during the Zimmerman/Martin episode, Zimmerman (who is of Peruvian descent) was referred to as white. Left wing blacks have lumped hispanics as white or POC depending on the issue of the day.

  2. I love the headline. It could never be "Asian Men make more than others". The whitey hate is starting to get to me, I confess.

  3. So if I self-identify as Asian does that mean I'll make more money? (Sarc)