Friday, August 19, 2016

Anti-Fed Lefties Headed to Jackson Hole

Not good.

The anti-Fed movement is being co-opted by lefties who want the Fed to print even more money and are demanding wacko diversity at the Fed,

The Fed Up coalition will hold a series of events in Jackson Hole, Wyo., next week, including an on-the-record meeting with Kansas City Fed President Esther George on Aug. 25, the coalition announced. Other Fed presidents and governors will also be attending the discussion.

The docket includes a press conference and a demonstration, where members of the coalition (a marriage between unions and other community organizations) will "share their personal experiences seeking good-paying jobs in this economy and discuss the importance of diversity in Fed leadership for promoting high-quality governance and public policy."


(via Politico)


  1. Since you keep saying the Fed has been successful in creating "not a recession" and seem to write off the sectors of the economy that are not booming with a "it is normal for some sectors to be up while others are down for non-Fed reasons" rationalization, I can understand why you wouldn't give any credence to these leftist Fed critiques. Logically, these critiques might lead the Fed to take different actions, like monetize student debt instead of gov't debt or drop helicopter money on the "people" and the not the banksters, which would lead to an actual recession.

    1. Maybe you should read about Austrian Business Cycle theory, so you can understand what the boom/bust cycle is, and why it happens instead of attacking red herrings. Your arguments give away your ignorance.

  2. This shouldn't surprise anyone. When progressives want to rid themselves of something, that something will always be replaced by something governmental, because they have plans, you see: plans that they can implement on others without any PERSONAL RISK. When it all goes to pot, they can always blame capitalism.