Saturday, August 13, 2016

BANKSTER ECONOMIST: The Fed Hikes Rates If Clinton Wins, Cuts If Trump Prevails

The Federal Reserve is likely to abandon its efforts to guide interest rates higher and instead would pare them back if Donald Trump is elected president, Citigroup Chief Economist Willem Buiter said Friday on CNBC.

"Our current expectation is that we will get one rate increase this year. I would make that contingent on who wins the election myself," Buiter told CNBC.

"It is my personal view that we only get a rate increase — a necessary condition is that Mrs. Clinton is the next president. My view, if Mr. Trump is the next president, the next move by the Fed will be a rate cut," he said.

A Trump presidency would force the Fed to anticipate "the high risk and possibly the reality" of a trade conflict, as well as the "massive, adverse supply shock" to the labor market caused by the Republican nominee's proposed immigration policies, Buiter said.


(via CNBC)

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