Thursday, August 11, 2016

Financial Times Editor Exposed (Accidental Public Tweet)

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber thought he was sending out a direct private tweet.

Not so, He accidently sent the tweet out a publicly.

In the tweet, he attached a letter that informed that he had been chosen to be awarded the Légion d’Honneur by French President François Hollande.

There is no doubt, he was awardred this because of his pro-EU, anti-Brexit stance.

This explains why as part of the tweet he included the message:
confidentially because bad publicity in UK right now
Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said Barber should refuse an award for ‘furthering the interests of a foreign government,' reports The Daily Mail.

He pointed out the Queen would have to approve Barber’s award under rules dating back to Elizabeth I – who is reported to have said, ‘My dogs shall not wear other people’s collars.’

Nigel Farage has responded.

 Not surprising, the establishment tool is anti-Trump:

The Daily Mail says of Barber:
Insiders say his desire to cultivate influential friends has led him to make mistakes, one of which was giving the FT’s Person Of The Year accolade in 2009 to Lloyd Blankfein, the boss of Goldman Sachs. The award, coming at a time when the financial crisis was at its peak and Goldman was reviled for its part in the debacle, led critics to accuse the paper of living in a ‘parallel universe.’
 FT's print circulation is down nearly 6 per cent from  a year ago.


(ht Felix Bronstein)

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