Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm With Tyler (My personal tech ecosystem)

Tyler Cowen writes on his personal tech ecosystem:
Now I know how to text, sort of, though I hardly ever do it.  It strikes me as the worst and most inefficient technology of communication ever invented (seriously).  It’s not that fast, and it’s broken up into tiny bits of back and forth.  I don’t see how it makes sense beyond the “What should I get at the supermarket? — Blueberries” level.  There is intertemporal substitution, so just, at some other point in time, spend more time talking, writing longer letters, making love, whatever.  Not texting.  It is never the best thing to be doing, except to answer some very well-defined question.
I rarely text either. In fact, I have two or three friends that text me regularly. They don't know it but I use Google voice so in addition to getting their texts on my phone, I get a copy on a web page.

I almost always answer their texts from my desktop computer as if it were just an email. If I am out, they are going to have to wait.

Cowen goes on:
Except for the occasional Uber ride, I don”t use apps and hate reading news sites through the apps, I won’t do it.

Same with me. Although I will check  my websites, their traffic and comments if I am out.

I have thought about ditching my smartphone but Uber, and my websites prevent me from doing so---along with having instant access to camera capabilities, And I do read my Twitter feed if I am in line waiting somewhere. But, I don't generally like to even check my emails on my phone.

I almost never listen to music on my smartphone. In fact, I hardly ever listen to music. I almost always consider it annoying unless I am doing a very menial task. I'm not a music guy.

Cowen again:
I use my Kindle less over time.  It remains in that nebulous “fine” category, but I prefer “real books.” 
Same here. I only read hard copies. Occasionally, someone will send me  a Pdf advance copy  of some book. I will either print it out or, much more often, send a note back saying  "Thanks but I only read hard copies." Almost always, they print it out and send me the printout.

I carry a Kindle with me when I travel, but more as a writing tool so that I can quote accurately.

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