Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Keep Your Eyes On David Davis

David Davis
The new British Prime Minister Theresa May recently named former Europe minister David Davis to the post of Secretary of State for Leaving the European Union (Brexit).

I'm told by people who monitor these things that this was her most important appointment.

He has very strong free market leanings and is the perfect man to stick handle Brexit.

Heroically, he resigned as an MP in 2008 in protest of the erosion of civil liberties under Tony Blair's government.

And get this. In 2014, while speaking at a briefing organised by the Taxpayers' Alliance and the Institute of Economic Affairs, he slammed the British government's attempts to limit tax avoidance through laws such as the General Anti Avoidance Rule as "pernicious".

During that speech he also correctly argued that the government has become the biggest threat to the rule of law.


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