Monday, August 8, 2016

Krugman Exposes His Full Keynesian Side

P. Krugman in a column today at NYT provides some advice to Hillary:

Spend, spend, spend. Don't worry about paying the bills.

I am not making this up. He writes:
There are, of course, many ways our economic policy could be improved. But the most important thing we need is sharply increased public investment in everything from energy to transportation to wastewater treatment.

How should we pay for this investment? We shouldn’t — not now, or any time soon. Right now there is an overwhelming case for more government borrowing.
And then he goes totally into distortion mode, worthy of being ranked  with the best Trump whoppers:
 American greatness was in large part created by government investment or private investment shaped by public support...

Note to Hillary: This is the guy who thought the internet would have no greater impact on the economy than the fax machine.

Government borrowing always sucks funds out of the private sector. It is a bad move.



  1. Krugman: The best way to get wealthy is to run up credit card debt.

  2. Every now and then he comes outright and says exactly what we all know he wants.