Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not Even NYT Can Suppport Krugman's Nonsense That Obamacare is a Success

Paul Krugman writing in the New York Times has claimed that Obamacare is a success.

This may surpass his forecast, which can be found on the internet but not the fax machine, that the internet would be of no greater economic benefit to the world than the fax machine.

How bad are things getting for Krugman's Obamacare claim?

NYT is running a section titled: Is Obamacare Sustainable?

From the introduction:
Aetna and Oscar are the latest national insurance companies to pull out of certain state marketplace exchanges set up by the Affordable Care Act, which were designed to lower costs for consumers by increasing competition between insurance companies. Many insurers are losing money on the exchanges because too few people have signed up for coverage.

In the section,  Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, writes:
Long-time Obamacare advocate and Aetna chief executive Mark Bertolini created a political earthquake when he announced his company will drastically reduce its individual public exchange participation next year. Similar announcements by United Healthcare, Humana and even some Blues plans show that Obamacare is failing.
Free markets are about to deliver driverless cars, Free markets should also be allowed to deliver healthcare. It's time the central planning ideas of P. Krugman are pulled from life support and buried.


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  1. There was an article last week in the NYT about Obamacare, and they dropped a hint at the end that eventually the US would have to move to single payer healthcare. I'm sure certain people realized Obamacare would be a disaster, and they wanted that to happen.