Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Now Three Quarters of Venezuelans Live in Poverty

Socialism in action.

Even Foreign Affairs has noticed:

Venezuelans are facing widespread shortages of food, medicine, and other basic supplies. Citizens wait in line for hours at supermarkets to buy staples such as rice; many have resorted to sifting through trash to find food. Military forces have been dispatched to oversee food production and distribution. Last year, a group of Venezuelan researchers estimated that, in contrast to relatively rosy official statistics, more than three-quarters of Venezuelans are living in poverty.
And, of course, the leader doesn't think it is the socialism. It's the people around him!


  1. As you have said, this is a feature, not a bug of Socialism. A small, wealthy, crony class ruling over a large, docile populace kept at subsistence level. Much like many would like to see replicated here.

  2. Well, Maduro isn't wearing one of the classic Communist military jacket-suits, but the Stalin-esque mustache is coming in nicely.