Wednesday, August 17, 2016

OMG Hillary Names "Inequality Expert" as Her Transition Team’s Chief Economist

Heather Boushey has been named the chief economist of Hillary Clinton’s transition team, the Clinton campaign has announced.

Boushey is currently the executive director and chief economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, as well as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. According to the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, Boushey researches economic inequality and public policy, employment and social policy, and family economic well-being.

Must be a helluva a workload she has, since there is no "inequality problem."



  1. While I have my misgivings about Trump, I am planning to vote for him over Clinton for one reason only: Trump is a nationalist while Clinton is a globalist. She is the favored candidate of the international banksters. All you need to know is that Soros supports Hillary.

    1. Nationalism killed off the Neanderthals. That's what you need to know: