Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The European Union is Collapsing

Wow, this is a big punch to the gut of the grand authoritarian, crony establishment, politically correct-promoting, multi-national union.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said European Union countries shouldn’t always have to move in lockstep on major projects as the EU seeks to hold together after Britain voted to leave, reports Bloomberg.

“We want a ‘flexible union’ that takes on the big questions effectively, but doesn’t oblige each member state to take each new step jointly,” Steinmeier said in remarks prepared for a conference in Berlin on Monday. At the same time, EU countries that want to take joint initiatives shouldn’t be held back by those that don’t want to join in, he said.

Steinmeier’s sketch of the EU’s future aligns with the view of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, who said in June that EU members will probably “advance pragmatically” and sometimes “move ahead in groups of states, at different speeds, via coalitions of the willing.” Schaeuble is a member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, while Steinmeier’s Social Democrats are her junior coalition partner.

This smacks of desperation as the sounds of hammers knocking at the one world wall are being heard in Berlin, where they are familiar with hammers knocking on walls.



  1. Well, if the old Soviet Union could collapse, I guess its latest incarnation can collapse, too.

  2. How the powers that be have distorted what "Union" really means! Contextually, they have been mutually beneficial to the parties involved, just like the states were sovereign entities that formed the United States. It's not about coercive solidarity at any cost. Unions aren't the Hotel California. Once the people realize that, you are no longer a prisoner of your own device. That's why all the statists do whatever they can to incite fear. Once the fear dissipates, they have to find real jobs.

  3. Always good when big statist institutions circle the drain